How Elise Sustains a Healthy Lifestyle

How Elise Sustains a Healthy Lifestyle

Last year Elise shared her amazing transformation story  with us, and now I am super excited to have Elise share with us how she sustains her fitness and healthy lifestyle. To get a daily dose of inspiration follow her on Instagram at tiu_elise14......if you are not into fitness by now, you will be once you start following her!

Last year you share with us your transformation story, and some of the ups and downs you went through. Tell us how has this past year been for your fitness, nutrition, and health. Have you had any ups and downs? Any setbacks?

This last year has been a crazy adventure! I have been on the maintenance portion of my fitness journey. I consistently workout 6 days a week, I meal prep for all workdays, and I have had my healthiest year yet! Emotionally I have experienced the natural ups and downs of life but my health and fitness have been a consistent positive place for me to come to.  I have found a way to maintain my weight and fitness that works for me and allows me to have balance in my life!

A lot of people on the same journey are struggling with staying motivated - what keeps you motivated? How do you go about motivating yourself?

The biggest thing that keeps me motivated is the Tone It Up Community on Instagram! The TIU girls are all so positive and encouraging. They recognize that every day isn’t perfect and they genuinely care about what is going on under the surface. When a girl sends me a message saying that I inspire her, or helped her find motivation that day, it blows my mind! What I am doing is helping others love themselves BETTER and there is NOTHING more motivating than that! These girls get up and SLAY every single day!


From your experience with your transformation and health journey, what is the most important thing to sustain such a lifestyle successfully? And of course to sustain your form and weight constant?

Create lots of small habits that you feel you can manage. I started with meal prep and made it as simple as possible so that it felt manageable. After that I started doing morning workouts with a mini (non-food) reward at the end of each week if I did them all. (ex: bubble bath, get nails done). After I had that habit, I started laying out my workout clothes the night before. All these small habits will add up, bring balance, and help you maintain! Before you know it, you are naturally doing all of these things that create a healthy life!

Obviously you have had an amazing transformation, and you are an inspiration to many - share some of your goals for the future in terms of your fitness journey?

O goodness! I am HUGE on goals! Some of my immediate goals are to host three local fitness events this summer. My first one is on June 10th and it’s almost sold out! I’m also putting my personal training certification to use this summer by taking on clients. Long term I would love to offer some kind of online training program, workout guides, … or run my own fitness blog?!? (O no she didn’t!) We’ll see!


What inspires you to push yourself every day?

The thing that inspires me is knowing that I have health and physical education students who are looking up to me as an example. I don’t want to sit there and tell them to go eat healthy. I want them to SEE the benefits of healthy eating. I don’t want to tell them to go workout and why it is good for them. I want to SHOW them how much fun it is to live in a healthy body! This way they can see and appreciate everything their body does for them! There is nothing more motivating then teaching others to live their best life!

Having gone through this transformation, and having made this experience, what would your number one advise be to anyone starting on this journey?

Take the words “I Can’t”, “I failed”, “I stopped”, “I couldn’t” out of your vocabulary. Saying you failed or quit implies that there was some magical end point where you have achieved “Ultimate health” or “Dream body”. Your health and body wont maintain itself. You will ALWAYS be on this journey. Maybe instead say “I’m still working on…” “I’ve been struggling with…” The way you talk to yourself will determine your mindset AND your outcome! Positive self-talk = Positive Results.

What is your number one healthy lifestyle advice?

Start meal prepping…. Like yesterday! Nutrition is EVERYTHING. I’m not even kidding. If you can only do one healthy thing during the week, make it your meal prep, EVEN OVER WORKING OUT!!!! It’s that important. You can’t “out-work” a bad diet. When you prep you have more control over what is going into your body. You will feel more confident about your choices and you won’t feel guilty when it’s time for a treat!

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From your experience, how important is to surround yourself with like-minded people or community? And why is that?

On a scale of 1-10 this is a 20. Accountability is everything. Even research shows people are more likely to achieve their goals if they tell at least one other person about them! If you try to do it alone, you will have no one to pick you up when you slip up. A community gives you a support system that says “Hey! So what you ate an entire can of Pringles?!? Who cares?! Get off your butt. Today is a new day and not all is lost!” lol (That may or may not have happened this week…).

What is your daily routine in terms of fitness and nutrition?

  • 5am: Get up and work out (30-60 minutes)
  • 6am: M1(eggs) and get ready for work (Pack food)
  • 7:30am: Work
  • 9:20am: M2 (Grapefruit)
  • 11:30am: M3 (Salad, Hummus and Veggies)
  • 2:30pm:M4 (Protein bar)
  • 3:30pm: Volleyball or Track Practice
  • 6pm: Home and M5 (Veggies and lean protein)
  • 9:30-10pm: Bed Time!

We all know that sleep is extremely important, but still a lot of the times we are sleep deprived - how many hours of sleep do you get a night? And what role does getting enough sleep play in sustaining the healthy lifestyle that you have started?

I get 7 hours of sleep a night on the weekdays and more on weekends. There in no way I could get up for my morning workout if I didn’t get to bed early (9pm most nights)! I noticed when I was losing weight that not getting enough sleep during the week would literally PREVENT me from losing the weight. A good night’s sleep does wonders to balance your body and allow your muscles to recover! Prioritizing your sleep and it may be the boost you need to see results!



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