What is ToneItUp.com all about?

What is ToneItUp.com all about?

I have always been very active, and it is extremely important for me that I incorporate a workout in my daily schedule. Having said that I also know that my workouts used to be very one sided - focused on jogging, hiking and mountain biking. I don't like going to the gym (was never my thing!), so I was looking for alternatives that will allow me to diversify my workout routines. So last March, I came across a web page that grabbed my attention, and for whatever reason decided to give their workouts a try.......and over five months later, I think it is safe to say that I am totally hooked up on the toneitup.com lifestyle.

Over the last months I have been asked very often, "what is Tone It Up all about?", that I decided to write about my experience so far. It is an online community founded by Karina Dawn and Katrina Scott promoting a healthy lifestyle for women. The focus is on workouts and nutrition, and throughout the year they have different challenges that people can join. There are number of different aspects that I like about toneitup.com:

  • the variety of workouts is enormous - some of the workouts are for free, and some come with a fee. The workouts are anywhere from 10min quick workout to 30min. I like that there are a lot of different whole body toning workouts to chose from
  • on their web page K&K talk about many different aspects of working out, how to achieve best results, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, etc. A lot of these is not new to me, but I still think that it is important to refresh my knowledge. I also think that covering topics like these could be super beneficial for someone looking to incorporate working out in the their lifestyle, or simply incorporating a healthy lifestyle
  • healthy nutrition is also a big part of toneitup.com, and you have the opportunity to become a member. Yes it is a bit expensive (150USD), but with this you get access to all the past and future recipes and plans (such as the 7 day slim down plan, the 8 week bikini series plan, or the wedding plan, etc.). All the recipes are online, and easily accessible at all times. There is also the possibility to choose between different types of diets, e.g. vegan, vegetarian, etc, but you still get the recipes for each type of diet
  • the community that K&K have been able to build throughout the years is extremely supportive, and open about the transformations these ladies have made. I think that this is extremely inspiring and motivating, especially for somebody that is just starting to workout, or incorporating a healthy lifestyle
  • the challenges - during the summer they have an eight week Bikini Series Challenge where you get a weekly schedule of your workouts, weekly plans of the meals, including grocery list and prep tips. I really enjoyed that because it was very structured, all the workouts were to be found online, and each Thursday we will get an e-mail with the grocery list for the following week. I only joined the community this past April, but it looks like there are fall challenges, and different programs throughout the year

Another big advantage for me is that in comparison to becoming a gym member, with toneitup.com you get to incorporate a workout and healthy diet on daily basis for a low price. You are flexible, as you can do the workouts anywhere and anytime......and whenever you have a question or concern you have the whole community to support and motivate you:)

I personally can only recommend joining this community if you are looking to incorporate workouts and healthy nutrition in your lifestyle, or you are simply looking to diversify your workout routine like it was in my case. I would love to hear your thoughts, and first impressions......or if you have made experience with toneitup.com, share it!

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