Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

As this month the focus at Slow·o·lution is on Yoga, I wanted to share with you couple of yoga retreats that might be of interest to you. I personally have never been to a yoga retreat, but I have a few friends that have made that experience. Here a couple of their suggestions and their feedback.

Yoga Retreat Croatia -

Here is what my friend had to say about her experience at the Yoga Retreat Croatia:

"Beautiful place on island Vis, Croatia. Lovely house with great hosts, and the most amazing vegetarian food. Teacher styles are always so different and it is a bit matter of luck to get it right. But we had really an amazing group of 8 people there. Made good friends and we had so much fun. The yoga levels of all were very different which of course was a challenge for teaching as well. So all in all, I recommend the place, but of course it depends on what you are looking for."

Karma Surf Retreat -

This looks very interesting, as they offer number of different types of retreats throughout the world. Some of the offer include:

  • hike & yoga
  • surf & yoga
  • mountain bike & yoga
  • climbing & yoga
  • yoga & surf family

And here is what my friend had to say about her experience with Karma Surf Retreat:

"I really liked the accommodation and the yoga teacher. I felt that they truly love what they are doing. Also the vibe amongst the guests was great and very relaxed.......just the right atmosphere to relax and forget all sorrows."

There are so many different yoga retreats around the world, but since I don't have any experiences with yoga retreats, I wanted to share with you some of the positive experiences my friends have made. If you have been at a yoga retreat, share your experience.

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