Staying Fit

Staying Fit

We all know how beneficial a balanced lifestyle is (especially as a mom), where you can incorporate a workout in your daily routine. Unfortunately when times get really busy, we feel like we don’t have time for a workout. The truth is that a lot of us chose not to make the time, so on today’s blog I want to share with you my tips for keeping your workout routine on daily basis even in the busiest of times.

  • prioritize – it is important to understand and realize that there is nothing more important than your own health! You are the only one that can take care and prioritize yourself…….and this should be even more so the case in busy and stressful times. Once you have realized that, than it will be easier to prioritize and find the time for your daily workouts.
  • morning workout – I know that not everyone is a morning person, but I can guarantee you that waking up 30 min earlier for a workout will give you so much energy and good vibes the rest of the day. Even if it is just a 20min run, or a quick HIIT workout, get in the routine to workout first thing in the morning. You will not only feel more energized the rest of the day, but because you started your day that way, you will also opt for healthier nutrition options throughout the entire day.
  • lunch walk / workout – even if you have worked out in the morning, try to squeeze in a short walk after lunch. Get out on the fresh air, and walk around the blog. If you haven’t worked out in the morning, you might even go for a quick run or simply a longer walk.
  • evening yoga – try to do some yoga couple of times a week in the evening – you can go for a class, or do some yoga at home. This will help you relax, stretch and center yourself.
  • be active – whenever you have the possibility to take the stairs, go for it. During a conference call, get up and do some squats, or get out of your chair and stretch a bit. The point here is to look for opportunities throughout the day that you can be active in one or another way – 10 squats here, 10 squats there adds up!
  • plan – I know that I have said that many times before, but the key to success is planning. Plan your week ahead including a workout every single day. As I said, your workouts don’t have to be hours long, but instead go for shorter durations…….even if it is only 15-20min get in the habit of working out every single day. There will be days where you will be able to workout longer, then others…..but this is absolutely ok.
  • workout at home – we all feel like we have to go to the gym in order to workout, but the truth is that we don’t need the gym to stay fit. We can easily workout at home, with very little equipment. I have never been a fan of the gym, but I still workout every single day… home! There are number of online fitness lifestyle brands, that offer number of different types of workouts in 30minutes or even less. To name a few worth checking out:

As the saying goes “whenever there is a will, there is a way”…….I challenge you to try and implement as many of these ideas in your daily routine, especially when you are very busy and stressed out!

Stay healthy


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  1. Nisha says:

    I actually ran in my treadmill 7:30a while my 2year old was sleeping. It felt great! I did not think about the yoga at night because after dinner I LITERALLY pass out from the day. I do not get much rest as it is. My 2year old and 8year old girls are like a football team preparing for the superbowl..AAAAHHHHH😩😩😩

    • Anna says:

      Great to see that you making the time to prioritise yourself!!!! Yeah I have two kids myself and I know what you are talking about;)

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