The Slowolution Mom Journal

The Slow·o·lution Mom Journal - navigate more mindfully through difficult situations and emotions with your kids

The Slow·o·lution Mom Journal is specifically designed to help you manage difficult situations and emotions when it comes to your kids! Let's face it, being a mom is one of the most amazing, difficult, frustrating and yet rewarding experiences that we will ever get to be a part of! Navigating our emotions through motherhood is not an easy task, and often times we are pushed way beyond our limits!

This is where The Slowolution Mom Journal comes in play. Just like any other mom out there, I have been in so many difficult and frustrating situations with my kids, where I lost my patience and reacted in a way that made me feel like the worst mom afterwards! So I started journaling about these situations. Once I have calmed down I will write in couple of sentences what has happened, then I will write in couple of sentences how I reacted, and then I will write in couple of sentences how I would have liked to react.

The purpose of this Mom Journal is to help you work through, learn from and navigate more mindfully through these difficult occasions with your kids.

This little exercise has helped me:

  • understand my triggers a bit better
  • to reflect and learn from a difficult situation
  • to move on without this negative and bad feeling that we tend to carry with us after a difficult situation
  • to be much more mindful about how I react to and what I say in certain difficult situations

Working with the Mom Journal on regular basis is truly an experience where you will be encouraged to:

  • define what kind of mom you want to be
  • reflect on where you are on this journey
  • reflect on what holds you back of becoming that mom
  • reflect on what is your #1 struggle when it comes to difficult situations with your kids
  • reflect on difficult situation or discussion you have with your kids, your reaction, and how you would have liked to react

Price:    20 CHF

What you get:

  • space to reflect on the type of mom you want to be
  • space to reflect on where you are on your journey of becoming that mom
  • space to reflect on what holds you back
  • space to reflect on what is your #1 struggle with difficult situations with your kids
  • space to reflect on each difficult situation by describing:
    • what happened
    • how you reacted
    • how you would have liked to react

Product Information:

  • A5 format
  • 125 pages
  • 80gr white paper
  • spiral bound
  • produced in Germany

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So how does it work?


The Slow·o·lution Mom Journal makes a great gift, so before placing your order, decide whether you would like to order an extra one for one of your mom friends

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