Recognize the struggle

Recognize the struggle

I became a mom a little over seven years ago, when our son was born! I was 34 years old at the time, and all of a sudden my whole life was turned upside down! Up to that point I had been working, and doing my thing….and all of a sudden there was this little human that needed me 24/7. Just like any other mom, of course I wanted to be the best mom to my son… without realizing, I got busy right away, putting all my needs to the very back;) We also knew that we wanted another baby, and preferably we wanted to keep the age gap small.

So fast forward, two years later, our daughter was born. As nice as it was (and still is) that the age gap is only two years, the reality was that we had two babies at home that both needed 100% attention and affection. Again, I wanted to be the best possible mom to both of them! But by trying to be the best mom, and trying to do everything else 100% perfect, I didn’t realize that I was putting my own needs and wellbeing at the very end!

Being a mom is probably the most amazing, difficult, frustrating, tiring, and yet rewarding aspect of my life. What I have learned in the short seven years since becoming a mom is that it is extremely easy to put our needs and wellbeing as moms at the very end! I am all for being there for our kids, but now I also believe that if we want to be the best possible mom to our kids, we have to prioritize our own health and wellbeing…..and most importantly recognize that the struggle at any given point is real!

What I mean by that is that there is this constant guilty feeling – whether we decide to go back to work, or stay at home part of us feels guilty! Whether you decide to take some time for yourself, or to go on a date with your partner – again, part of us feels guilty! In addition to feeling guilty most of the time, we put so much pressure on our self to have every aspect of our life at 100%! Whether it is our home, or bounce back right away to our before baby body, the truth is that we constantly put that absolutely unnecessary pressure on our self to “sell” the perfect life to the outside world…..and at some point that turns into a struggle! 

Instead of wasting so much energy on trying to portray the perfect life, I believe that we as moms should be open about our struggles, we should be lifting and encouraging each other up! We should recognize that it is not selfish to take some, as I like to call it “me time” every day. Just as it is not selfish to make our own health and wellbeing a priority…..because the simple truth is that we can’t pour from an empty glass. Only if we are healthy and energized, we can properly take care of our kids, be there for our own family, and be the best version of our self!

Just because we are honest, and we talk about our struggles, it doesn’t mean that we are weak, or not having things “under control”…..what it means is that we are only humans, and sharing our own experiences! That’s why I have made it my mission to help and inspire other moms to recognize the importance of prioritizing their own health and wellbeing! Come join my closed FB group and let’s share our experiences and struggles…..and lift each other up along the way:)

Let me start the conversation, by asking you – as a mom, what is your biggest struggle?

Stay healthy


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