The Importance of Working Out

The Importance of Working Out


A lot of people are working out because they want to lose weight, but the truth is that working out on a regular basis has many more advantages then just maintaining or losing some weight. Some of the benefits that I have personally experienced when working out:

  • de-stressing – this one personally is huge for me! Working out is a time of the day where I can focus only on myself, and by focusing on my workout I automatically manage to de-stress because I shift my focus from the negative things that are stressing me out, to this moment right now.
  • metabolism boost – a lot of people don’t realize that when you gain lean muscle (especially with toning workouts), your body requires more energy throughout the day to maintain that lean muscle, which in turn increases your metabolism.
  • stronger immune system – Exercise increases your level of a antibody called immunoglobulins. These are proteins that help support your immune system and wards off infection.
  • sleep better – because working out helps you de-stress, and shift your focus from the day to day madness and problems, your sleep improves. You are able to follow asleep easier, and experience more relaxed sleep during the night.
  • improved concentration – I have always felt that when I workout regularly I am able to concentrate much better throughout the day, or when working on a difficult task or project.
  • boost happiness levels – exercise releases a hormone called endorphins, which creates a feeling of happiness and euphoria. That is why we feel much happier and excited after a workout or a run.
  • increases confidence – when you workout, you feel fit, strong, healthy, and simply better about yourself, which in turn increases your confidence!
  • helps you get more organized – once you have gotten into the routine of working out on a regular basis (for me personally every day), you also get more organized and you automatically prioritize your health and yourself.

In addition to the above listed benefits, many experts say that working out on a regular basis decrease risk of heart disease.

There is this common misconception that we need to invest a lot of time each day in order to experience the benefits of working out. Fortunately this couldn’t be further away from the truth – 30min a day will do the trick. It is also not necessary to pay crazy amounts of money for classes or gym membership – you can look for opportunities throughout the day to stay active. For example, instead of taking the elevator, make the effort and take the stairs. Or go for a short walk after lunch. In addition, there are many online opportunities out there… personal favorites are:

They all come with nutritional advise and plans, as well as social media communities where you can get all the support and accountability to achieve your goals. And if you are still not sure how to start working out and implement a routine, check out fitness expert Simon Jordi’s advise  here.

While it is important to combine different types of workouts (cardio, strength, etc), my personal advice is to find the types of workouts that bring you joy and you get excited about…..this way you will be able to truly experience the many benefits that working out brings along.

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