Healthy Snacks when Traveling

Healthy Snacks when Traveling

Following last week’s blog, where I talk about Healthy Eating While Traveling, today I want to give you some ideas on healthy snacks that you can take along, no matter if you are driving, flying, or taking a cruise:)

  • nuts – this is a very easy option to take along, there is no preparation involved except for going to the store and getting them. Here make sure that you stay with healthy options – stay away from the ones that are roasted in oil, and have added salt. Get the ones that are raw and unsalted. Although nuts are very healthy and reach on omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber, they are also very high on fat. So make sure that you enjoy at the most a handful during the day.
  • veggie sticks – prepare some veggie sticks that you can put either in a Tupperware, or zipped plastic bag. Here you can mix the following – cucumber, carrots, paprika, celery.
  • fruits – this is also a great snack, however make sure that you enjoy them on an empty stomach, and avoid them all together after 3pm as they are high on glucose, etc. I personally love fruits, and can eat huge amounts of fruit. However I have realized that I get really bloated if I have a fruit in the afternoon, so I limit my fruit intake only to the mornings.
  • healthy bars / cookies – meanwhile there are many vegan options out there, however, for me personally just because something is vegan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthy! I always, have a look at the ingredients list, especially the amount of sugar the product contains. Speaking of sugar, please not that there are over 50 names that the industry is using for added sugar. So educate yourself and stay from any product that is high on sugar. In addition, there are also a lot of healthy snack recipes out there, which you can try and take along.
  • dried fruits – usually dried fruits have added sugar, so try to find some that have less added sugar, do it yourself, or enjoy just very few so you keep your added sugar consumption limited.
  • avocado – as we all know, avocado is super healthy and is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and different vitamins (among others), and makes for a great snack. But because it is so high on fat, make sure that you don’t eat more than half an avocado a day. You can add some hemp seeds at the top for some extra flavor to your avocado

As you can see these are not only easy to prepare, but also easy to pack options, that you can just put in your carry on. Some of them (such as nuts, dried fruits, and healthy bars/cookies) you can even take extra so you can have for the entire trip, and not only your travel day. One thing that I always try to do (even in the stores that they sell only healthy food), I always check out the nutrition label……you might be surprise what some products are made of (more on this later in the month).

Stay healthy


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