All You Need to Know about Ginger

All You Need to Know about Ginger

We have all heard how healthy ginger is……..but what is it that makes it so healthy? And what is ginger all about anyway? Ginger has been used for over 5’000 years in the Asian culture….in fact the Chinese and Indians considered it a cure root for all minor illness. The root (called rhizome) of the plant can be consumed in different ways:

  • in oil form
  • in a spice form (dried)
  • in a fresh form (my personal favourite)
  • in a juice form
  • in a powder form

To find out about all the different benefits ginger brings to our health, have a look at Dr. Axe video:


Here is a list of my favourite ways to use it on daily basis:

  • I add some fresh ginger in my warm lemon water every morning
  • I add some fresh ginger in my green smoothie every morning
  • I add ginger to different recipes I am cooking
  • during the cold months, I love to drink tea out of fresh ginger, juice of half a lemon and some honey
  • I have recently started drinking ginger shot before lunch

There are many different ways to use ginger, but the best part is that you can be create and start by adding small amounts in different dishes. If you already are using ginger, share what are your favourite ways to use it.

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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “All You Need to Know about Ginger”

  1. You forgot Gingersnaps!!! haha
    I used to drink an apple cider vinegar drink with ginger in it!

  2. Hey There! Great ideas. I have whole ginger at home too. I’d love to share this blog post on my blog page in my recipes and herb ideas page. Would that be ok?

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