Skydiving as Stress Reliever

Skydiving as Stress Reliever

Be one with the element air. Feel yourself and completely switch off. Already during the preparations for a jump, I am completely focused on myself and the moment: how do I feel? Can I let go of everyday life? Is the body and the head ready? How is the weather, the wind? Do I have everything I need? Packing the parachute is like a meditation, the whole concentration is fixed on these life-sustaining and simple sequences and movements. I feel the cloth, the lines, and the eyelets. I’ll get in contact with it and become one with it. Everything fits, everything is right, everything is as it must. My mind is quite calm. I connect with the material. Like a mantra, I check all the important points and prepare myself for the jump. The anticipation is there, the concentration reaches its climax. Ready for the jump. The way to the plane, the nose of kerosene, the wind of the airplane propellers in the hair. The cuddly security in the plane, the vibration of the machine, the grandiose beauty of the earth which is becoming smaller. Absolute trust in myself.


The last time a mantra, then the cool air in the face, noise in the ears, now it is called ACTION! The whole concentration is discharged into pure energy. There is only one way, one goal, one need: falling, free, oneness! The expanse below, above and beside me, the wind  tugs the body. Then just let go, leave everything behind me, let everything slip through me. The body and mind are freed. Hover, fly, be one with the air. In absolute ease to have the full control. Enjoyment and wonder over the beauty of the approaching world. Pure relaxation. A jerk, I’m worn, hang in the ropes. Review the past 50 Seconds. The adrenaline pulsates through the body and conjures a wide grin into the face. The ground is approaching and I am preparing for the firm, stable feeling under my feet … earth you have me again.



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