Skiing is not only a Work for your Muscles, it Also Frees your Mind

Skiing is not only a Work for your Muscles, it Also Frees your Mind

When I start my journey taking the gondola up to the mountain, my soul, heart and mind start relaxing. It gives me so much energy to be out there surrounded by the mountains. It’s not only the physical aspect it’s more about enjoying the fact to be surrounded by the nature and the energy the mountains give you.

Of course skiing also helps you to get in shape. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skier, you will be giving your cardiovascular system a good workout on the slopes. The steeper the slope, the more calories you’ll burn because your body has to work harder to keep your body balanced. When I go skiing I never stop in between one run, I start on the top and ski down to the bottom in one go. Skiing is good for both experienced skiers and beginners because it works the major muscle groups, it particularly targets the inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and buttock muscles – thanks to the crouching position that skiing involves.

After skiing I stretch my muscles to lengthen all my muscle fibers. 

Thanks to the endorphins your body releases during exercise, any kind of physical activity is a great trigger for improving your mood. However, the added adrenaline rush and breath-taking views of a skiing day can work wonders on your state of mind. With your endorphins on a high, your mind and body will be better equipped to fight stress and boost your mood for enhanced well-being.

I love to ski in the Engadin as the valley is really open and you find slopes for every level of skiing. It is never crowded as it is a bit far for a one day ski session from Zurich and daily ski tourists prefer closer regions as Davos or Klosters. 


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