Music as stress reliever

Music as stress reliever

Music  is everywhere around us – we listen to music at home, in the car, at the gym, when out for a jog, at restaurants, in stores, and the list goes on and on. But have you ever taken the time to actively notice the effect music has on you? Or how different types of music affect your mood? I personally love music – one of the first things I do in the morning is to turn on some music (sometimes the radio and sometimes a CD). There is always music in our house – radio, CD, or when my husband is at home he will play the guitar.

I love all kinds of music, but I prefer listening to old school hard rock during the day. In the evenings I love listening to blues and classical music. I have noticed that the different types of music affect my mood in different ways. For example, listening to live music gives me so much energy. I grew up listening to rock n’ roll and hard rock, so I absolutely love going to concerts. I am absolutely fascinated by the musicians playing the instruments, and the energy that is exchanged between the musicians and the crowd!   

I personally can’t play any instrument, although I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar. But I imagine it being extremely relaxing, liberating and de-stressing. I think that this is why I am so fascinated by life music and concerts. According to an article I recently read, study shows that making music actually reduces stress. According to this article, you don’t have to be any good, but just jamming (even with your kids’ toys) for a few minutes a day can reduce stress in the long run!

Another article, shares Suzanne Hanser’s (chair of the music therapy department at the Berklee College of Music in Boston) point of view: “Research shows that making music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce stress, and lessen anxiety and depression. There is also increasing evidence that making music enhances the immunological response, which enables us to fight viruses.”

Obviously, there are many advantages of listening and playing music, so I have a little challenge for you:) Next time when you have a few minutes experiment – listen (but really listen!) to different types of music and see how they affect you. Find out what will be the best music to wake you up in the morning, to give you the energy for the day, to pick you up during a difficult day, and what kind of music relaxes you in the evening! Once you have done this, take the next step – take a few minutes each day to sing your favourite song, or jam with whatever you find at your home…..see how that makes you feel!

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Photo by Luciana Meister

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