Should you combine various types of training – yes or no?

Should you combine various types of training – yes or no?

Pilates – TRX – Body Toning – Boot Camp – Aqua Fit – Functional training, I teach all these trainings methods in my studio in Zumikon  Many participants ask if it is enough to do once a week Pilates, as they think that Pilates is not as strenuous as other type of workout …. which is certainly not true. Each training method has its place – no matter what you do – move as much as possible, as varied as possible and as often as possible . I animate my participants to combine Pilates with TRX or Body Toning or Aqua Fit. Which means, working on inner Strength – coordination – stability with endurance and strength….

Pilates is a great way after a break from training to bring back more movement into everyday life. Pilates method trains especially the deep inner muscles – the so called Power house – in conjunction with deep breathing. In addition, Pilates helps to perform better in other sports. The movements and positions can be performed and maintained for longer, more precise and joint-gentle. The upright posture, more body awareness, improved coordination, range of motion and relaxation and stretching the muscles are positive effects. 

Pilates is the basis for any other sports, and a wonderful way to get motivation to do some more intense workout for cardiovascular reasons. Pilates stabilizes, focuses, expands and makes the body  more flexible, but the cardiovascular part is only trained insufficiently. That’s why I motivate my participants to do in addition TRX, Body Toning, Aqua Fit, Boot Camp or other endurance workouts, where the heartbeat is more than 120 beats per minute (depending on age) at least for 20 to 30 minutes.

Even jumps are important because they strengthen our bones and help to reduce osteoporosis. In addition endurance training is fun – you can feel your body, it shows progress, it has a balancing effect on the mind and body, and we just feel better afterwards, satisfied and get full strength and positive thoughts for daily life.

In addition to deep muscles training and endurance training, weight training is of high importance as well. You do not have to be a bodybuilder , but a certain effort for our muscles helps us to survive everyday life more flexible and stronger. Strength endurance is exactly what we need in everyday life. TRX provides a workout with your own body weight , which can be applied by the various positions more or less force in countless exercises . Thus, for each the appropriate training .

The body loves changes, it loves different types of trainings / sports. Therefore, it is important to combine various sports together – take the opportunity to try from time to time various and new methods of sport like StandUpPaddling, wakeboarding, Minigolf, Tennis or Climbing……simply, challenge your body every day – that brings fun and boredom has no chance – neither for your mind nor for your body! Try, have fun and stay wellbalanced.

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