Beauty & Wellness

Beauty & Wellness

Maintaining, restoring or improving the beauty of the human body are fundamentally superior needs that allow us to feel comfortable in our skin. The skin is our largest organ, it protects us from the sun, from cold, and from overheating among others. It also lets us feel and contributing thereby to our wellbeing.

Very often, touches and feelings in the hectic and fast paced everyday life often get lost. A treatment in trusted hands relaxes, soothes and harmonizes your body and mind. There are number of different options:

A facial treatment is great way to relax all the little muscles in our head, face and neck. Many energy points get stimulated and activate the flow of energy throughout the whole body.

Hair removal gives us self-confidence. The knowledge that it is all maintained, will increases the self-confidence enormously.

Makeup is to highlight and conceal. Feel feminine, bright and beautiful. Show who you are. Emphasize your beauty and let the Yin flow.

Hand care treatment solves stagnated energy. Stress and imbalance can often be seen on the hands. Many detoxifying and releasing energy points are located on the fingers. In addition, beautiful manicured hands give confidence, pride and poise.

Foot care treatment – what is nicer than to walk like on clouds. Feel light, refreshed and maintained. Healthy feet are the basis for a healthy body.

Just let go, indulge and do something good to yourself. Beautifully how the body feels pure, fresh, vitalizes and with renewed energy after a beauty treatment.

Give yourself time, pay attention to yourself, stay healthy.

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