Massage & Wellness

Massage & Wellness

Stroking, kneading, shaking, pressing, stretching, loosening, breathing, feeling, and smelling… the body perceives consciously.

Body and Spirit are intertwined and both must be existent in order to stay in balance of physical and mental activity and rest. Our body is like a tank that protects our sensitive spirit. Massages keep this tank supple, flexible and stretchable. As a result, stagnations are being dissolved and our mind has more space. Through the touch and contact energy is exchanged in the most intense manner. Due to the many different variations of massage, everyone has the opportunity to find the right type of contact and massage for themselves.

There are number of ways that a massage can contribute to your wellbeing. Among others massages can:

  • calm you when you are anxious, stressed out and worried
  • boost your energy levels if you are exhausted and tired
  • balance your state of being and wellbeing, if you feel there is a disbalance

Let the world sometimes just turn around yourself. Turn off and let yourself go completely.

Find your oasis of peace, pay attention to yourself, stay healthy.


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