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A healthy lifestyle is about so much more than just fitness and nutrition. What a lot of us don't realize is that the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is creating healthy habits on many different levels. Living healthily is a process! It is a process that starts with you and it is an ongoing journey of learning to:

  • listen to your body and the signs that it sends you,  
  • trust your body, and learn to recognize when you are feeling at your best

There is not "one size, fits all" solution to a healthy lifestyle, as we are all different, with different backgrounds, priorities, goals and mentality. There are many different aspects to a healthy lifestyle, and I am here to help you create the necessary habits for you to live a healthy lifestyle incorporating all these different aspects, and to feel at your best.

Creating any type of habit doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, persistence, and to an extent, a change of mindset. Creating these habits, starts with you! You have to really want to make a change in order for these habits to become part of your lifestyle. However, with all the distractions in our everyday lives, it is difficult to create long lasting habits alone, so I am here to be your "accountability partner" every step of the way. Having an accountability partner, someone that is there to support you every step of the way, to get you back on track when you "fall of the wagon", is half of the success.

Who can I help:

  • anyone that wants to make their own health a priority, but is not sure where to start
  • mums (stay at home, as well as working mums) that want to take charge of their health and wellbeing, but are not sure where to start
  • anyone who is not looking for excuses, but wants to make long lasting changes for good


30min initial free call with the purpose of:

  • getting to know each other
  • hearing your goals
  • determining if I can be of help
  • discussing a way forward

Monthly package:

  • initial appointment where we get to know each other, and I get to learn more about your lifestyle and your goals
  • once a week appointment - in person or by phone call / skype
  • daily inspiration / motivation (each morning) - text
  • daily accountability - call, e-mail, text
  • one time trip to the grocery store
  • additional options:
    • to join you for a workout in a gym (if you don't feel comfortable going alone)
    • to join you at a restaurant (if you are not sure what to order when eating out)
    • go for an hour hike or time in nature

Single - one hour - appointments

Send me an e-mail at, to book your free call today and get inspired to begin your healthy lifestyle journey.

Photo by Luciana Meister

Legal disclaimer: I do not claim to be a medical, psychological, nutritional or other expert. I do not have any particular certificates, licenses or permits relating thereto. I am not a personal trainer. My sole purpose of accountability is to help you create a healthy habits.

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