Win Cathy’s Book

Win Cathy’s Book

Mountaineer and motivational speaker Cathy O’Dowd is our guest blogger for the month of November and you can win a copy of her book. Tired of Everest books with titles like Killer Mountain and The Death Zone, written by men out to conquer the summit, Cathy decided to write an intimate, honest account of what it truly feel like to be struggling up the side of the world’s highest mountain, and why she chose to do it. And then decided to go back again!

Just For The Love Of It is inspirational, engaging and brutally honest......once you pick it up it will be hard to put down - at least this was my experience!

To win a copy of the book, ask Cathy a question on any of the five blog posts she will write for us in November.  The two most interesting questions (as judged by myself and Cathy) will win a copy of the book. The winners will be announced in the first week in December.

Good luck



Cathy is a South African who now lives in Andorra, and works as a motivational speaker. She is best known as the first woman in the world to climb Everest from both sides, but she is equally passionate about rock-climbing, ski mountaineering, and simply being out in the hills. For more background on Cathy’s story, plus tips from her on how to get started in a world of adventure, watch a speech she gave to the Women’s Leadership and Adventure Summit.


Twitter: @CathyODowd

Instagram: @Cathy_ODowd

Her book about her years on Everest

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