Nutrition Book of the Month

Nutrition Book of the Month

I come across more and more stories about people being diagnosed with rarer diseases, and after a while being able to cure themselves with making (significant) changes to their nutritional and lifestyle habits. I am fascinated by the fact that nutrition has such an amazing impact on a healing process in these cases......and I am even more amazed at how little we educate ourselves about nutrition and what healthy nutrition means!

That's why I wanted to share with you a book by Kris Carr called "Crazy Sexy Diet". In this book she is sharing her amazing story from being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer only at the age of 31, to all the nutritional and lifestyle changes she made in order to get her disease under control.

Kris covers topics from her story, to the importance of raw and plant based diet; from the damaging effect animal and sugar products have on our body and health, to the importance of detoxing on regular basis; from the toxic effect a stressful lifestyle and cosmetic products have on our wellbeing, to the importance of daily meditation, slowing down and practicing yoga.

In addition, this book offers a guide to a "21-day adventure cleanse". I have not tried it yet, but this is something on my TO DO list before summer ends. There are also number of recipes included - from juices, to soups, salads, dressings, main courses and desserts. What I particularly like are all the different books and links covering number of different topics around a healthy lifestyle.

For me personally, this is book is a must read if you are looking to improve your health in a natural kind of way.

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