Health Book of the Month

Health Book of the Month

I think it is safe to say that we are all striving for the perfect skin. We are prepared to pay crazy amounts of money for skin care products that promise that perfect skin we are so desperate to have. But do we ever stop to think whether spending so much money on skin care products is worth it? Or what this products consist of and the affect they have on our health? I have to be honest, although I knew how diet affects my skin, personally I have never even thought about the skin products I am using! Not until I came across a book by Adina Grigore (Co-founder/CEO, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn  ), called "Skin Cleanse".

This a little over 200 pages book is an easy read, focusing on achieving beautiful skin naturally. It is not a rocket science, but at the same time it gives insights on how your diet and overall lifestyle affect your skin. I particularly like the idea of food journaling. The idea being that you will not only keep track of what you are eating, but you might also identify some "hidden issues" such as eating too much of a particular food that you were not aware of; or eating certain foods at the wrong time. Another positive aspect are the easy to make recipes for natural products with ingredients that you can get at your grocery store.  

One thing I was missing in the book were the insights into the age difference - what does the skin need at the different stages and how we can nourish it best during these different stages. Having said that, I personally think that this book is a great starting point to:

  • have a critical look at the skin care products we are using, and what they are made of
  • gain a better understanding of how we can create "chemical-free" / organic, and all natural products
  • understand what it is that our skin really needs
  • understand the effect diet and lifestyle has on our skin

Have you already read the book? Then share what is your favourite and least favourite natural product recipes.......and if not, share what is your favourite skin care book.

Stay healthy,


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