Phuket Cleanse – the raw vegan active detox retreat

Phuket Cleanse – the raw vegan active detox retreat

Following last month's blog on Active Detox Holiday at Phuket Cleanse (for more information, a lot of interest was shown in this kind of holiday. Before we jump into the super exciting news I have, I wanted to give you a bit more information on this resort.

Phuket Cleanse ( offers an all inclusive "active cleanse" holidays. The focus is truly on all inclusive, with a long offer list – and this is just for starters:

  • amazing organic raw vegan cuisine and juices (some cooked soup and other comfort food as well)
  • fitness classes that range from low intensity walks to dynamic high intensity interval training
  • yoga classes that are incomparable – from Aerial to Yin Restorative; and Hot Yoga to Ashtanga
  • massages, and other Recovery Protocols – from Ice Bathing to Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • stand Up Paddleboarding and other fun things at the new PLAYGROUND – You will love it!
  • daily trips to our local beaches for having some fun in the sun
  • cooking Classes, Educational Seminars, and so much more …

As you can see, by taking a few days off from your hectic everyday life, you will be able to truly relax and recharge your batteries, get a positive mind set, nourish your body with healthy nutrition, and get rid of all the toxins (physically and mentally) that you have gathered throughout the year.

And now to the exciting news - you have a chance to book your all inclusive holidays at Phuket Cleanse with a 10% discount when you enter promotional code SLOWOLUTION when you book on the website. 

Send any questions to me, or write directly to Stanton ( and he will answer any questions you have about enjoying the best fitness and nutrition vacation spot in Southeast Asia. Go to TripAdvisor and read all the 5-Star reviews about Phuket Cleanse. It truly is a transformational spot for you and for all our Slow·o·lution readers.

Would love to hear your experience at Phuket Cleanse, so please do share with the community.

Stay healthy,


Photos by Antony Matsepa

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