Nutrition Book of the Month

Nutrition Book of the Month

Are you interested in understanding the effect nutrition has on our health? What is the relation between nutrition, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases? Then I can strongly recommend a book by Dr. Cambel (, called "The China Study" . This book looks at the largest nutrition study conducted to date and its results in detail. There is a lot of science (and statistics) in this book, and therefore not quite as easy to read. But if you really want to understand the relation between health and nutrition then this is the book to read.   

There are a few reasons why I think that this over 400 pages book is a must read:

  • it looks at how nutrition affects our wellbeing
  • the relation between nutrition and many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc
  • it gives a critical, and may be even life saving information on nutritionoutlines the eight principles of food and health, in terms of eating right
  • his theory is backed by a very well documented, and peer reviewed study
  • questions the role different industries play in the information our society gets when it comes to what is a healthy nutrition

I also think that this is not a book that it should be read only once and then put on the shelve to gather dust. I think that this is a book, that we should go back to and re-read different sections, just to refresh our memory on the importance of healthy nutrition!

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