Detox Challenge with Detox Delight

Detox Challenge with Detox Delight

Following my great detox experience with Detox Delight I would say that it is time for a Detox Delight Challenge. I believe that a cleanse can be beneficial any time of the year.

In my opinion, such a detox can be even more beneficial with the arrival of spring. This is the perfect time of the year to take time:

  • to cleanse all the toxins from our body that have gathered during the cold winter months
  • to boost our energy level
  • get rid of the extra kilos
  • get the glowing skin
  • adjust our nutrition habits
  • and just feel great about ourselves going into the summer months

From April 15 to April 29 you have the opportunity to choose any of the cleansing programs for a period of 3, 5, 7 or 10 days - If you are a beginner, I would personally suggest going for the 5-day program. This will ensure that you experience the full benefits of such a cleanse and at the end feel more energized and full of life (this is based on my personal experience).

To claim your 10% discount, when ordering please enter promotion code slowolution. In addition to the discount, depending on the package Detox Delight will also send you a gift of their Beauty Shots (The extra boost with superfoods).

Should you have any question or concerns please contact me at

I am looking forward to see many of you take part in this challenge, in order to actively improve your health.....and of course to hear about your experience.

Stay healthy,


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