Restaurant of the month

Restaurant of the month

Don't you just love it when you know of a place that no matter what time of the day, you can always get healthy food......and that combined as you feel like in that particular moment? For me this place is Tibits - for more information visit their web page They have number of locations throughout Switzerland, and also in London. I enjoy going to the one located in Zurich Seefeld. In addition to the inside area, in the summer you also have the possibility of sitting outside!

The reason I love eating at Tibits is because their offer consists mostly of regional, seasonal and organic ingredients. In addition, you pay by weight - you select what you want to eat from the "boat" buffet and you pay accordingly. I love that concept, because you not only get the chance to select only what you want, but you also get to decide how much or little you want to eat.

Also, the daily variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes is great. Since the beginning of March they have the so called "Vegan Tuesdays at Tibits" where they only offer vegan food and dishes throughout the day. They also offer number of different freshly squeezed juices and smoothies prepared at Tibits directly.....and they are absolutely delicious.

The only aspect that I don't like is the fact that at the Seefeld location it is not possible to reserve a table, and usually it is quite full. There a few locations that you are able to book a table starting from groups of eight people.

May be this will be changed in the future, but until then share with us what are some of your favourite healthy restaurants you like to eat at.

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