Restaurant of the month

Restaurant of the month

I love eating out - it is such a great feeling to enjoy your meal over a good conversation with a friend, to be around people, and just try out new places. I can find a meal no matter what the restaurant, but wanting to maintain my healthy lifestyle, I am also always interested in eating at places that support such a lifestyle.

This month I want to share with you a restaurant that I love eating at when I am in Zurich - it is a self-service place, called Gärtnerei ( ). In Zurich they have locations on Stockerstrasse, Sihlstrasse and Sefeld. In addition, they also have a location in Bern (which I have never visited).

The reason I like this place so much is because it offers a combination of healthy meals - from a piri piri chicken salad to a vegan burger. They also offer great soups, which is of great advantage during the colder months. I love salads, and what I particularly like about this place is the fact that I can put together my own preferred salad out of fresh ingredients (which is not possible at every restaurant). They also offer different healthy drinks - my favourite is  ginger / lemon drink.

A big advantage for me is that all the meals are also available as To Go. So on a nice, sunny day you have the possibility to enjoy your meal in a park or by the lake, which gives you the opportunity to relax and take off your mind of your busy schedule. In addition to the very friendly staff, I find the value for money also good. Besides  the locations, they also offer catering and a food truck, which can be found not only at festivals, but you can book it for your next event.

The only disadvantage is that because the spaces are not that big (especially at Stockerstrasse and Sihlstrasse), if you go right at lunch time, it is usually full......but I guess this is a good sign, right? So if you want to try it out make sure you go either a bit earlier, or a bit later in order to get a place.

I am always open to visiting new places, so share what is your favourite place for a healthy meal!

Stay healthy,



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