Nutrition book of the month

Nutrition book of the month

Last week I mentioned a book that basically changed my whole thinking on nutrition. A few years ago by accident I came across "The Beauty Detox Foods" book by Kimberly Snyder. The reason this book has completely changed my view on nutrition, is because it explains in great detail how the different types of foods (such as dairy, meet, sugars, etc) affect our body, its functions, and our overall well being. This book is not about an easy "weight reduction" fix or a diet, it is about lifestyle change with three different stages. The beauty of it is that it is up to each one of us to decide in which stage we feel most comfortable.  And on top of all that, it is a very easy to read and it has number of different delicious recipes. What impressed me the most is that, after we tried one of the first recipe at home, we didn't actually have that "bloated and feeling tired" type of feeling after we were done eating. In addition, it was delicious and something completely different, which was very welcomed. If you are looking to change your nutrition life style, I can strongly recommend this book.

We are always interested to hear from you - share with us your favourite nutrition book.

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